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Floating Dresden Quilt Pattern - PRINTED COPY

Floating Dresden Quilt Pattern - PRINTED COPY

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Introducing the Floating Dresden quilt pattern, a fusion of the vibrant Ombre Confetti Metallic fabric collection by V&Co and the timeless Dresden Plate block design. This pattern effortlessly marries modern aesthetics with a touch of classic elegance, resulting in a mesmerizing baby quilt that is sure to become a cherished heirloom.

Finished size: 36"x44" but can be scaled up. 

Fabric required: 1yd for front and the same for the backing plus 1.5yds for the petals (plus batting and thread and additional fabric for binding) 

You will receive a printed copy when you checkout which is a printed version of the PDF that is available for free here

The Ombre Confetti Metallic fabric collection, renowned for its breathtaking gradient colors and delicate metallic accents, serves as the perfect foundation for this quilt pattern. With its shimmering confetti-like sprinkles and an array of ombre hues transitioning from light to dark, each fabric lends a touch of magic and depth to the finished quilt. You can explore the collection here

At the heart of this design lies the iconic Dresden Plate quilt block. Its distinctive shape, reminiscent of a flower petal, creates a captivating visual effect that evokes warmth and joy. In this modern interpretation we allow the mesmerizing ombre effect to unfold gracefully across each element.

This quilt pattern offers versatility in terms of size and layout. Whether you opt for a cozy baby quilt or expand it into a larger project, this pattern ensures you can tailor the size to suit your needs. Each Dresden Plate block can be arranged in a multitude of ways, from a traditional circular design to a modern linear pattern, giving you the freedom to express your personal style.

As you assemble the quilt top, the ombre effect comes to life as the radiant colors gently transition from one shade to the next. The metallic accents woven into the fabric add a touch of sophistication and glamour, elevating this baby quilt to a whole new level.

Completing this quilt is a delight as you sew the Dresden Plates together, appliqué them onto a background fabric, and finish with a border of your choice. The ombre color scheme combined with the metallic elements creates a captivating interplay of light and shadow, making this quilt design truly mesmerizing.

The Ombre Confetti Metallic Dresden quilt pattern offers a fresh take on a beloved classic, infusing it with the contemporary allure of ombre fabric. Whether you create it as a gift for a precious little one or as a striking accent for your home, this quilt will undoubtedly become a cherished keepsake, symbolizing both tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.

Pattern is free as a digital PDF for personal use - no commercial use allowed. 


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