Quilt and Sewing Lectures & Workshops

I have delivered lectures and workshops in three countries (UK, Japan and USA) and both online and in-person. Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak or teach at your event. Information about costs is at the end of this page. Or download a 2-page PDF summary here


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  • English Paper Piecing Then and Now - This talk goes into the history of EPP and showcases classic patterns and designs before moving forward to the current day and looking at some of the recent innovations. Attendees will be keen to get started on their own projects when they hear about the ease and transportability of this method. 
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  • You Made a Quilt - Now What? - You've made a beautiful quilt. Now what? You might be giving it away or putting it in a closet until it is needed, but you could do so much more with it. Together we look at taking a photo of your quilt and transferring it into holiday cards, wrapping paper, clothes, shoes, or art to go on your wall. I'll share lots of tips and tricks plus a handout to provide you with all the resources you need to get started.  

  • Kick Out Your Inner Critic & Make It! - Perhaps everyone else is making amazing quilts and yours don't seem to measure up? Or maybe you don't enter your quilts into shows because you don't think they're good enough?  Or even you'd like to call yourself an Artist with a capital A but you're embarrassed. Anything sound familiar? Imposter syndrome is something that impacts almost everybody at some point. But there's good news! It doesn't have to control you. In this lecture we look at recognizing what's happening and how to conquer those fears. Ideal for encouraging people to enter quilt shows and share their work. 


  • English Paper Piecing for Beginners: A three-hour introduction to this style of patchwork, different designs, and hands-on work with 1" hexagons. We'll cover 3 different ways to construct your pieces and then how to join them and work with the finished piece. Attendees will leave with a pin cushion they have made themselves!
  • Creating your own designs with English Paper Piecing: A three-hour talk and workshop about using inspiration from art, history and the world around you to make your own designs. Attendees are encouraged to bring a photo with them and will start developing their own design during the workshop. 

  • Quilting as you Go: This fun technique is great for small pieces but can also work for full-size quilts. Join me for this 3-hour session as we delve into this technique and use it to create a one-hour basket, which you can instantly use to store your sewing supplies, or a baby quilt. 
  • Sashiko Embroidery for Quilters: A three-hour introduction to this traditional japanese embroidery technique. We'll look at the traditional designs and materials, more modern uses, and then start this very mindful and therapeutic sewing technique. 

  • Make a Sew Together Bag: A 6-hour workshop for people with sewing machine experience. This extremely useful and fun bag is perfect for all your needs. They make perfect gifts and can be finished in a day. Pre-class fabric choice and cutting instructions are provided so that we can focus on the sewing while we are together. 
  • Fabric Weaving for Beginners: A 3-hour workshop looking at two ways of weaving with fabric strips. We will also discuss how to use your finished weaving!

  • UV Resin for Quilters: Spend three hours exploring this innovative new craft and make a selection of pattern weights, earrings, pendants, bookmarks and more. Unlike epoxy resin, this is a minimal odor process which cures in minutes for fast and rewarding results. Small sewing notions or other items can be easily embedded into the resin to create a unique and enduring accessory. You can read more, check my availability and even book a workshop here.  
  • Making Framed Purses: Kiss frames, clasp frames - they have many names. In this 3-hour workshop we'll talk about the types of frames and their uses and then make our own 6" frame purse using fabrics of your choice.  

  • Make a Kaleidoscope Quilt - Using Almost Any Fabric!: Turn a single piece of fabric into a whirling, mesmerizing design. You'll receive guidance on buying your fabric in advance of the class and then get to work on your first quilt. In the 3h class students will learn the technique and get started on making their own quilt. In the 6h class we'll go further into how to get different effects and how to make the most of the technique and layout. 

Workshop Overview

 Workshop Length Max in-person Max Online
EPP for Beginners 3h 20 Any
Creating your own designs in EPP 3h 16 Any
Quilt as you Go 3h 20 Any
Sashiko Embroidery* 3h 20 Any
Make a Sew Together Bag* 6h 16 25
Fabric Weaving for Beginners 3h 20 n/a
UV Resin for Quilters* 3h 20 n/a
Making Framed Purses* 3h 16 25
Kaleidoscope Quilts 3-6h 20 Any

Supply lists are available for all workshops.  


    As of April 2024:

    • An in-person 45 min lecture plus 15-30 mins of combined trunk show and Q&A is $350. (The same lecture via Zoom is $300.)
    • An in-person workshop is $100/hour plus any additional material fees (i.e. the UV resin workshop requires resin, inclusions, disposable table protectors and so on, while a Kaleidoscope class has no additional costs as student will bring their own fabric.) The table above shows the maximum numbers for these classes. 
    • An online workshop is also $100/hour for the first 25 people, $125/hour for up to 50 people and $150/hour for any number over that. 
    • There are no travel costs if you are within 30 miles of Oakland CA, or if the talk is online. For further distances the IRS mileage rate will apply. 
    • Discounts are available when you book a workshop and lecture together. 
      • Book a lecture and a 3-hour workshop and receive a $50 discount
      • Book a lecture and a 6-hour workshop and receive a $100 discount

    Where am I?

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    In the past I have been hosted by: San Francisco Quilters GuildLong Beach Modern Quilt GuildGold Bug Quilt Guild