Consulting - How Can I Make Your Life Easier?

I consult and work with people on a wide variety of projects.

Perhaps you want to:

  • Sell something from your social media on a small scale
  • Take payments online
  • Create your first website and have someone advise you on which platform to use and give you a lesson or two on how to update it
  • Update an existing website but you've maybe lost the password from years ago or have a domain name but don't know how to get content on to it
  • Add a function to an existing website (like appointment booking or selling) but you're not sure how to do it
  • Automate social media posts or set up and run an email newsletter
  • Set up an event or series of events but need help finding a venue, creating promotional images and knowing where to list it online. 

My background in Tech, Operations, E-Commerce, Social Media, Websites and more allows me to advise you and get you set up for success. 

Let's set up a 15 minute chat over phone or Zoom to get started!

Fill out this short form to let me know what you're looking to do and I'll suggest some times. 

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Wondering about the cost?

My basic rate is $50/hour with a two hour minimum. 

During the free 15 minute chat I'll get an idea of what you want to do and your existing technical knowledge. Some people will just need a pointer in the right direction plus a 1-1 lesson or two on how the tools I've recommended work. I default to free tools but there may sometimes be a need to use a paid plan (for instance, if you want to go from using to 

As an example - I recently worked with a Berkeley music teacher who had had websites in the past but wanted to start over. He wanted people to be able to see what he was offering and easily contact him. He didn't need people to be able to book online or to take payments online, although those were options he thought he might want to add in the future.

I billed him for two hours during which

  • I advised him on which platform to use
  • I helped transfer the domain to that platform so he was only making payments to and dealing with one business
  • Spent an hour 1-1 showing him how to build his site, including using templates, adding text and images and building a contact form.

He had been quoted $244/year just to put a holding page on a domain name he had owned (and been paying for!) for 10 years but had never done anything with. Instead I suggested he use a product that was $12/month and recommended he take advantage of their discount for annual payments. So for $100/year he was able to create a multi-page website where he had complete control of the navigation and contents, and where it can scale and grow as his music business grows. 

Every solution is unique to your needs. Contact me now to let me see how I can help.  button that opens the submission form